Upgrading My Custom Printer

After nearly a year of tweaking I’ve replaced the printed extrusions with aluminum. It worked well enough but flexed during operation and broke pieces occasionally. Now it can print nearly 900mm tall and I decided to bolt it to the wall for stability. Still dialing things in, the prints are getting better every day.


Practical Printing – Floorplans

One thing that is nice is when I find another use for my printer. My Father was over one day and I knew he had modeled his house in SketchUp when doing some work on it. I decided to try and print out this floorplan


Once you have a floor plan or a model in a 3d modelling program, all you need to do is find the proper tool to export into a format the printer can use. In my case I had a plugin for SketchUp that allowed me to export the model as an STL file.


PLA Shrinks

When you are designing a part you need to keep this in mind. PLA shrinks as it cools, very slightly, but enough that it makes things not fit. My new printer is using 8mm rods and linear bearings for the carriage. To mount the rods I had made 8mm holes in the model where they needed to be. The rods do not fit, it is close but not great. To resolve this currently I am just going to buy an 8mm drill bit and enlarge the holes slightly.

2016-06-30 17.19.46


I came across a post the other day for Devd. It’s goal is to be a simple webserver for developers, if you just want to host some pages to look at. I think this is a great idea but because I typically am doing full applications instead of just javascript there is already a development server for my environment ready to go. Definitely something to keep an eye on but it wont change my day to day.

devd: a web daemon for developers

Extracting images from text mail archives

When you back up or save emails, one format of doing so is in plain text. The attachment to emails are then stored as base64 encoded data in the file. I wrote this script to find known signatures of emails in base64 attachments and write the images out to the disk.

Simply pass it in the file name you want to read from, or it will read from stdin. This just goes to show Ruby still has very high performance, on my system it was processing a test file at 50+ MB/sec. Full code after the break.


New Job

After nearly 8 years in mobile development and related work, I am moving on. My passion is for development and while I have many skills in other areas like System Administration, QA, and Support Management, I find that writing code is what really makes me happy.

I have recently joined Monetize Solutions as a Sr. Product and Monetization Engineer working on advanced monetization products. Basically we are creating products that will work with our customers raw data and provide meaningful information that directly affects bottom line revenue. This could mean determining the optimal product inventory configuration or the right cross sell relevant recommendation given the time of year, location demographics, geography, historical sales profile buying behavior, and social sentiment.

I am looking forward to getting back into full time development, and I am excited to be creating products that have direct positive impacts for our customers.

Content Finally…

There has been lots of changes in my life recently and life is slowly returning to “normal”. With this I have decided to bring my blog to life. It has languished long enough with nothing here and I this time I plan to keep it up and running.

I will be posting many things, from technical content, photos I have taken, and even things I just want to save for later. This is my personal space and contains my own ideas and thoughts, independent of any business, company, or work I may be doing in my professional career.