Practical Printing – Floorplans

One thing that is nice is when I find another use for my printer. My Father was over one day and I knew he had modeled his house in SketchUp when doing some work on it. I decided to try and print out this floorplan


Once you have a floor plan or a model in a 3d modelling program, all you need to do is find the proper tool to export into a format the printer can use. In my case I had a plugin for SketchUp that allowed me to export the model as an STL file.

As an STL file is a format that is read by most slicers my work was done. Loaded it into Cura and out came this great floorplan model. One thing you have to keep in mind though, the output is only going to be good as the input. Many hours were spent on this floorplan making it perfectly detailed and to scale. Without that work, the model would not have turned out as nice as it did.