Getting it running

The first thing was to take inventory of what was there. I made a list of everything I had, and compared it to the list of parts that the printer should have. Once I figured out what I needed to make the printer minimally functional, I order a few things and put it together. These pictures here show the printer from getting it set up to printing test cubes.

This picture shows the printer after I have installed the heated bed on the Y axis. Other than that, this is how I received it.

This picture was taken after I debugged the control board, compiled a new firmware image for it and had it communicating with my laptop.

The first ever object to come out of the printer. Pretty messy, but close to what I was trying to print.

These are the first three cubes to come out of the printer. From left to right it was three days of learning and fine tuning. By the third cube, it was pretty close to the size and shape it was supposed to be.